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Very interesting post. Thanks for the post. This is my first time visiting here. I found so much interesting stuff in your blog.



It’s easy sometimes to let go of your pool maintenance responsibilities. If you don’t follow a proper maintenance program your pool will soon become insecure. It could show green water, algae build up and broken filters. You don’t want to be stuck in a pool which has had a rough time. Below are 10 maintenance tips for your pool to take a look at. If you’re opening your pool for the very first time or have been a proud owner for a long time, take a look at these suggestions to get your summer season going in the right direction.


Lindsay L.

Thanks! Golden Retrievers have so much darn hair and it seems to get everywhere!!!


Fred E. Fason

Hi there, I basically wanted to buy a new filter pump for my pool. I was planning on using the filter every day to turn the water fully over… Would this be too quick to clean the water through the filter? Don’t want to buy a filter which is over kill and doesn’t do the job properly. But then I don’t want to be running the filter for ages. my pool is only a small pool… 🙁 my pool specs are below…… Thanks for you time, James.



Great review! It is good to know that the PCP550 pool cover pump is great and effective for a small amount of water to keep off the pool cover during this season.
Thanks for sharing.


Marina Ford

Hi, the list is awesome! I definitely agree with you when you said that each type of pool problem requires a different cleaning agent. Cheers on this one! I know many readers will benefit from this article. Thanks. =)



Thank you for this well detailled article.

Actually, i like best the Swimways Poolside Basketball hoop, because most of the users are satisfied ( based on amazon reviews). The hoop mostly works out with kids and children (but don’t please the adults).It has a medium size not too big and not too small, and fits anywhere in the pool.
Also, the product is totally made of plastic, there will be no rusting parts in it.

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