Halloween pool decorations ultimate guide – 5 best party ideas

Make an unforgettable Halloween party around a swimming pool. In this 8-minute read, we’ll help you choose the best Halloween pool decorations and other accessories.

Halloween pool decorations

The swimming pool can easily be converted into a creepy haunted place with a few bought or DIY props. Let’s start with bloody water.


Halloween pool decorations blood-red water
Halloween pool decorations blood-red water


Filling the pool with “blood effect

Add some pool dye to your swimming pool for an easy, dramatic effect. Half of an 8 oz bottle turns a 15,000-gallon pool a nice blood-red for a Halloween party.


And don’t worry, this stuff won’t stain the fiberglass or vinyl pool liner. It does filter out within a few days.

Then add some floating skeletons or body parts and watch your guests admiring the effect.


(PS: Any leftover dye could come in handy for a pink birthday party.)

Halloween pool party ideas

Floating Halloween pool decorations - glowing hands

From floating pumpkins, flickering candle lights to glowing body parts, eerie skeletons and ghosts there are various possibilities to create a gruesomely spooky scene at your pool.

Halloween Pool Party decoration gloves glowsticks


Glowing hands for a Halloween pool party


Cheap, easy and effective: Get a box of latex surgical or household gloves, insert glow sticks, inflate and presto you have a good number of glowing dead hands to float in your pool.

Works well with clear and dyed pool water.

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Spooky decorations for a swimming pool Halloween party


Best to bear in mind who the party is for. If there are younger children to hold back on bloody body parts but go for Jack-o-lanterns and party Halloween decorations.

Less realistic is perfect for this age group. In fact, most young children will enjoy dressing up and having party fun more than being scared.

If your party is for teenagers and/or adults the more realistic and creepy the better. Most people think of decorations to drape over trees and arrange in the garden.

But a truly haunted house will have strange lights and emanate eerie sounds and surprising, scary effects. 



More ideas for a Halloween themed pool party


Here are some ideas for a haunted feel, especially at night:

  • Glowsticks – green or white, put into latex gloves or balloons for ghost lights
  • Flickering lights from real candles in lanterns
  • Real carved pumpkins with tealights inside
  • Flameless LED light candles with moving flames look incredibly realistic and are safe to use
  • Ground fog machine – not as expensive as you might think but so effective, especially when combined with glowsticks or spotlights
  • Large cobwebs
  • Animated decorations like ghosts, skeletons, witches with spooky movements and flashing lights and haunted voices or noises
  • Creepy cloth draped over furniture, trees or doors for a ‘taken over by ghosts and creatures’ feel
  • Sound Tracks of haunted music or even a story (see below for inspiration)

Just make sure to arrange everything with safety in mind, especially around the pool area. Make sure your guests don’t trip or fall into the pool at night.

Halloween Pool Floating Jack O lanterns


Bubbling swimming Pool and Candles

Halloween pool decorations are all about creativity. Anything spooky, creepy, and scary works!

Fake tombstones, giant cobwebs, glowing pathways, body parts, strange noises. If it is all cloaked in mysterious fog even better.

Spooky effect of glow in the dark pathways

Low, dimmed light is hugely effective to create a spooky atmosphere.

Jack-o-lanterns shouldn’t be left out. Spread them out around the pool edge or put them in the pool. Even though they are heavy they will float because they are hollow.

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Not a pool decoration but a wonderful FREE way to HAUNT ANY POOL and have great fun doing so: Music and stories: take the time and listen to these.

You could also let this run on a loop in the background somewhere. Then see how people stop in their tracks mesmerized to follow the haunting voice.

After the party, you will probably have some work to do. Our article (5-minute read) How to clean a cloudy pool will certanly help.

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