Vacuum pool cleaner - robotic and manual

Vacuum pool cleaner four major types

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a great fun and enjoyment, but all this fun and enjoyment is ruined when your swimming pool gets contaminated with dirt and debris.

The dirt and debris does not allow you to feel full joy and fun. Also they might cause several type of illnesses. Therefore regular care is necessary to keep your pool clean and maintained.

Many types of vacuum pool cleaners can help you clean your pool easily and perfectly. While selecting an optimal vacuum pool cleaner, the swimming pool owner must consider the surroundings of his swimming pool where is the swimming pool located?

What is the layout of the swimming pool? Factors such as cleaning coverage, ease of usage and overall price should be considered during purchasing a pool cleaner. There are four main types of vacuum pool cleaners. Some of them are as following.

Four types of vacuum pool cleaner (s)

  1. Suction side pool cleaners
  2. Robotic – automatic vacuum pool cleaners
  3. Pressure pool cleaners
  4. Manual vacuum pool cleaners

1)     Suction side pool cleaner

Suction-side vacuum pool cleaner rely on swimming pools pump to scoop up debris and dirt. They connect to the pool skimmer or dedicated suction line and work around the pool to collect debris and dirt. Suction side vacuum pool cleaner is suitable for vinyl, fiberglass and tile finishes. This type of swimming pool cleaner is best for small and light debris, if you have leafy trees around your pool or a newly constructed swimming pool you may need a separate leaf canister or robotic or pressure cleaner. These machines are the most affordable automatic pool cleaning option. Suction side pool cleaner move in pattern to clean the entire pool. The link for suction base pool cleaner is given below or

2) Robotic pool cleaner

When it comes to ease and time saving the robotic pool cleaner will be the number one priority. As the name robotic suggest that it does not need any of your effort once it has programmed and dropped in to the water it means that it is completely autonomous once they are underway.

A robotic vacuum pool cleaner does not need to be attached to your swimming pool pump or water circulation system. They also have their own filter bags or capturing systems.

Plug your robotic vacuum pool cleaner into the socket with a suitable extension of cord and loose in the water, go away and come after an hour and your pool will have been be cleaned.

When using robotic pool cleaner make sure to turn off the pump and filter so the debris and dirt will be accumulate to the bottom of the pool then the robotic pool cleaner scoop up all these debris and dirt. This will ease the burden on your pool pump and filtration and will increase their life healthy life span.

Click on the below link to check some of the robotic pool cleaner or


Pressure pool cleaner relies on the swimming pool pump and filter. These are the most power full type of cleaner and are extremely beneficial in picking up medium to large debris.

Pressure pool cleaners work as a moving return line disturbing clean chlorinated heated water throughout the pool this helps in eliminating cold spots and algae blooms in trouble areas and pressure cleaner deposit debris is easy to clean bag which can filter cleaning up to 80 percent .

They have their own filter bags like the robotics cleaner thus reducing the load on pool pumps. You will have to clean the pool pump after each use. There are two types of pressure pool cleaners those who required a dedicated booster pump and those that run off a filter pump. Here is the link to check out some pressure pool cleaner or


The cheapest and simplest type of pool cleaner is manual pool cleaner.

You have to provide the power to move it around through water. The process of using manual swimming pool cleaner is that connect the hose to the skimmer so the pump will sucked the water through the cleaner but unlike automatic pool cleaner you should have move the cleaner with the help of long pole just like vacuum cleaner in your house.

Your swimming pool pump must be running while you are using the manual cleaner therefore your electric bill will be the same as the suction base cleaner and pressure cleaner.

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