What Is A Swimming Pool Cover Pump?

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What Does a Pool Cover Pump Do?

what does a pool cover pump do

One of the most valuable and necessary tools you will need for taking care of your pool is a swimming pool cover pump. A swimming pool cover pump is a helpful piece of maintenance equipment to keep on hand as an accessory to your pool cover. Swimming pool covers typically collect dirty rainwater and debris pools, which can be challenging to clear out on your own. Many pool owners find that once it’s time for the cover to be taken off, it has become too weighed down by standing water and debris to move, and they resort to hiring a professional maintenance service.

This is where a swimming pool cover pump becomes extremely helpful. The cover pump can quickly and easily remove water from your pool cover, keeping the cover clean and your pool well-maintained.

Why Do You Need a Pool Cover Pump?

A pool cover pump is an essential tool for keeping your pool safe and sanitary. When too much dirty water and debris fills up in the cover, it can easily spill into your pool water, infecting your swimming pool with bacteria and scummy water that would be unhealthy to swim in.

Automatic vs Manual Pool Cover Pumps

Pool cover pumps can be either automatic or manual. Automatic pool cover pumps are powered by electricity and, as the term suggests, will automatically turn on when water is detected on the pool cover. These types of pumps are also usually able to collect debris and are a convenient choice for homeowners who don’t have time to devote to pool maintenance.

Manual pumps use water pressure to remove water from pool covers and must be turned on by hand to be used. These types of pumps are smaller and pretty lightweight, which makes them a great choice for spas, hot tubs, and small above-ground pools.

Why Use a Pool Cover Pump?

why use a pool cover pump

Having a pool of your own is often a homeowner’s paradise. However, it can also be a significant headache once you start dealing with the maintenance. Swimming pool cover pumps are an excellent investment for saving money on pool maintenance in the long run. Having a tool for cleaning your pool cover helps you avoid having to hire professional pool cleaners every year when you want to reopen your pool for the summer.

In addition, by preventing the contamination of your swimming pool water, you will be spending less money on extra cleaning chemicals. As a result, a pool cover pump is a great preventative measure for the rolling costs of pool maintenance.

What Can You Expect to Pay for a Pool Cover Pump?

what can you expect to pay for a pool cover pump

The cost of swimming pool cover pumps varies greatly and can typically range from about $50 to $150. Prices for pool pumps will change depending on whether it’s automatic or manual and based on how much water it can pump out. There may also be an additional cost if you choose to buy a separate power cord.

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