Cool Pool Basketball Dunks

Do you remember the swimming pool basketball dunk phase back in 2014? A few kids and teenagers managed to leave their phones behind – at least long enough to make some pretty cool videos in their backyard pool.

Check out the video below!

Say your teenager wanted to do the same, what would he need?
I spotted the following props:

  • Swimming pool and a pool basketball hoop (duh!)
  • Diving board
  • 2 Mini Trampolines
  • Gym ball
  • Large trampoline
  • A GoPro digital recorder and/or digital camera
  • A pool slide

…And a pool shed and balcony if you really want to do it up big time!

All the stuff you could probably find in your house or borrow from someone else, right?

If on the other hand, you want to do it like the pros, well I can help you with that, too. (Hint: the list of props and peeps is a little longer.)

See my list below the video.

What do you need for a commercially done Epic Pool Dunk? Here’s a basic list:

  • A swimming pool and basketball hoop
  • Some professional players
  • 3 big inflatables
  • A Water JETPACK (Technically, it’s a flyboard, costing around$5.500 the last time I checked)
  • A producer and crew
  • 2 cranes!
  • A green screen for video editing and effects

In the making of the clip, executive producer Rob Steiner sums up the challenge:

It’s a one-shot ad—30 seconds. We’ve got two cranes, 12 players—four pros—all of whom have to be synchronized and choreographed perfectly. We’ve got one day to shoot this, but in reality, we’ve got four hours because the professionals are only here for that time.

It took them a whopping 22 takes until they had the perfect 30 sec run through and the results you see here.

But for all the money that’s gone into the commercial, I still prefer Pool Ball Insanity! How about you? Which one do you prefer? Let me know below in the comments.

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