CHECKLIST Before You Buy A Pool Basketball Hoop

There are several types of basketball ball hoops ranging in price from under $10 for cheap inflatables to high end, deck mounted basketball hoops for proper play and dunks.

Here’s a few points to consider when buying a basketball hoop for your pool.

  • Age group – Kids will need a hoop that comes lower so they have a chance to score, older kids and adults require a sturdy set up.
  • Safety – Is the set-up sturdy and stable? Can it withstand the kind of abuse when things get seriously competitive. Does the hoop cope with those epic dunks and hanging from the ring?
  • Height of the hoop over water – is it adjustable for kids as well as adults. Or is it more of a kiddie toy?
  • Suitable for above ground or in-ground pools?
  • The durability of the backboard – will the backboard withstand repetitive hits (even if you start out with softer, lightweight balls, there will come a time when a harder ball will be thrown at it)
  • Weather resistance and rust. Saltwater, in particular, can quickly corrode metal and plastic alike. Over time, sunlight can have a deteriorating effect on some materials, making it look dated and ugly.
  • Portability – Do you prefer a portable hoop? How easy is it to move when you want to close the pool for winter or to make room for a party? Do you want the hoop to be a permanent feature at the poolside or possibly to be used elsewhere off-season?
  • Does the basketball set come with a ball? Seems obvious but you may be in for a surprise.
  • Assembly and installation requirements – can you install it yourself or do you need a set up service?
  • Do you have pool sleeves or will the basketball hoop have to be placed on the pool deck or rim of an above ground pool?
  • Price
  • What does it look like at the poolside?
  • Can you hang from the rim? 

Well, we can tell you the answer to the last question right away

No hanging from the rim of portable basketball hoops!

We know it’s so tempting and there seems to be an innate desire to grab that rim if you can but being portable means the whole system is not geared up to safely hold an adult hanging from the hoop.

One of two things is going to happen: either it tips over potentially hurting someone in the process or the rim bends or even breaks.

Before you head of to the store have a look at our swimming pool basketball hoop reviews here. 

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