Pool Basketball Volleyball 2 in 1 Combo Game Sets

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Best Pool Basketball Volleyball Combo SetsWhat better way to add value and activity to your pool than by adding both a basketball hoop and a volleyball net. Don’t be surprised if this pulls in your kid’s friends and see some epic basketball dunks and energetic games.

Have a look to see what game sets are available and get playing!

We found 5 basketball volleyball combo game sets that have a customer rating of at least 3 on Amazon:

  • Spike N Splash Combo by Poolshot
  • Poolsport 2 in 1 by Dunnrite
  • Swimways 2 in 1 game
  • Pool Jam Combo by Swimline
  • Poolmaster 72777 Combo for Above Ground Pools

Feel free to browse and read our in-depth reviews further down as well as perhaps consider buying a separate basketball hoop and volleyball net which can then stay there all the time saving you having to swap over. More info towards the end of this article.

Dunnrite PoolSport 2 in 1 Basketball Hoop and Volleyball Combo Set


pool basketball volleyball combo Dunnrite

Check Price on Amazon 


The Pool Sport 2 in 1 is a popular choice for many people thanks to its pleasing design, durability and robustness. And all of that for a reasonable price. 

Transition from one game set up to the other is an easy affair and you don’t need any tools. 


  • 22 foot volleyball net


  • Rim sits at a fixed height 36 inches above the deck
  • Hoop is 13.5″ junior size 

Set includes both a basketball, a pink volly ball. and a ball pump. 

You can’t expect stainless steel at this price and there is a tendency for the rim to rust unless you grab a can of rustoleum at the beginning of each season and give the rim a nice clear coat. 

Alternatively, there is a replacement stainless steel hoop available.

Dunnrite PoolSport 2 in 1
Average price

“Highly Recommended”

SwimWays 2 in 1 Game


Swimways 2 in 1 pool basketball volleyball comboCheck Price on Amazon

“Ok for kids”

Let’s start with the good: It’s all plastic which means there are no parts that can rust.

Just like with other combo sets the parts only allow to set up for either basketball or volleyball. Seems obvious but some people are not aware that the posts can either be used for volleyball or basketball, not both at the same time. Changing over doesn’t require any tools.


  • 24′ volleyball net


  • Rim sits at a fixed height above the deck

Set includes both a basketball, a volleyball, 1 basketball hoop, 1 volleyball net

Average price



Swimline 9190 Pool Jam Combo Inground pools


Swimline 9190 Pool Jam Combo for Inground pools

Swimline 9190 Pool Jam Combo Inground poolsCheck Price on Amazon

“Okay toy for younger kids”

It’s easy to set up right out of the box, just slot in the pieces and fill the base with water using a garden hose pipe.

It’s an all plastic toy set which means there are no parts that can rust. The basketball is quite light and might not last very long. The net is a bit flimsy and difficult to set it up so it doesn’t sag. 

Changing over doesn’t require any tools.

Volleyball: 15′ volleyball net

Basketball: Rim sits at a fixed height above the deck

Set includes both a basketball, a volleyball, 1 basketball hoop, 1 volleyball net

Average price
$ 120

Poolmaster 72775 Volleyball/Basketball COMBO Inground Pools


Pro Rebounder Volleyball Basketball Pool Game Set

Pro Rebounder Poolmaster Poolside Combo Basketball Hoop

Check Price on Amazon

“Great value product for fun in wide inground pools”

Recommended for ages 8+

The Pro Rebounder Combo set is the only one that allows you to have pool ready for volleyball and basketball at the same time.

No changeover required.

The volleyball net can be used for pools up to 38′ in width.  The set is well made for the money. The only real weak points are the poles which may break or split sooner than you would like. The volleyball has a nice feel, weight and size for family fun games.

Volleyball: Net size is 16’ x 30’’ – extends to 38’

The Pro Rebounder Basketball Goal is one of the top rated portable sets and has gained great popularity over the years.  Rim sits at a fixed height above the deck

See our review of the Pro Rebounder Pool Basketball Hoop here.

Set includes:
both a basketball, a volleyball, 1 basketball hoop and backboard and base, 1 volleyball net, inflatable vinyl ball, volleyball net, volleyball game bases, poles and inflatable deluxe game ball with inflating needle

Average price
$ 175

Custom Basketball and Volleyball Combinations

Most 2 in 1 sets have one big disadvantage: You can only play either one or the other, either basketball or volleyball and it always requires some reassembly.
If you like to have both available all the time have a look at these 2 great combinations of game sets that are similar in style.


Dunn-Rite AQUAVOLLY + SPLASH AND SHOOT – 2 Portable Poolside Basketball & Volleyball Games 


Check Price on Amazon
Combine With
Dunn-Rite SPLASH AND SHOOTCheck Price on Amazon

No Rust, Sturdy and Durable”

AquaVolly includes 2 white heavy duty plastic bases with sturdy no rust aluminium posts. The net spans pools up to 24 foot wide but you can shorten it if needed. 

Average Price AquaVoly:  $150

The Splash and Shoot basketball hoop made by Dunnrite is a great game all on its own. It looks good at the poolside, doesn’t budge and the hoop height can be adjusted.
A big plus is the no rust hardware: stainless steel rim and bolts ensure a long life. 

Average Price Splash and Shoot: $ 300 


Dunn-Rite STAINLESS STEEL VOLLY + CLEAR HOOP – 2 DECK MOUNTED Pool Basketball & Volleyball Games 

Dunnrite Clear Hoop Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop


Combine With



Check Price on Amazon


Ready to go for a stylish looking addition to your pool? If you like to keep your pool environment tidy  this should be the best combination.

The Clear Basketball Hoop is sturdy and, at the same time adds a touch of style and design. Stainless steel and brass hardware throughout ensures good looking longevity. 

Average Price for hoop: $700

The volleyball posts are also made of stainless steel and include escutcheon rings to cover up rails prior to installation to cover the anchor socket or grout prior to installation.

The 24 foot net is long enough for most residential pools and can be adjusted for a custom fit.

Average Price
Stainless Steel Volly Set: $ 300


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