How To Keep Inflatable Pool Water Clean

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Keeping Your Inflatable Pool Clean

keeping your inflatable pool clean

If you don’t take steps to keep the water in your inflatable pool clean and free from bacteria and germs, it can lead to health hazards for those swimming in it. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to keep it clean.

Using a Leaf Rake

As debris accumulates on the bottom of your pool, the residue can eventually get flushed into the pump and clog it up. One of the easiest ways to keep the inflatable pool clean is by using a leaf rake. All you need to do is run it through your inflatable pool to remove anything that could clog up the pump, such as leaves and small twigs.

Pool Covers

Using a pool cover can be beneficial for those who live in areas that experience a lot of wind and rain. The covers will prevent any leaves and debris from getting into the inflatable pool and lodged in the pump. If you don’t have a pool cover yet, you should install one over your inflatable pool to keep the water clean.

Use a Pool Vacuum

Another way to keep the water in your inflatable pool clean is by using a pool vacuum. By connecting the hose to an air pump and running it through the inflatable pool, you can suck up any dirt or debris that may be on the bottom of it. And since this method does such an excellent job at cleaning out all of the dirt, you can have an inflatable pool that’s practically spotless.

Pool Filter Use

If your inflatable pool doesn’t have a pool filter, then it’s also beneficial to run the water through a regular filter before using it. This way, any debris that could potentially clog up the pump is eliminated. If you already have a filter for your inflatable pool or spa, then make sure that you clean it out regularly to prevent it from clogging up.

Keeping Inflatable Pool Water Healthy

keeping inflatable pool water healthy

To keep the water in your inflatable pool healthy, you should also ensure that it’s free from bacteria and germs. There are a few ways to do this.

Check and Maintain the pH Level

One of the ways to do this is by checking and maintaining the pH levels in the inflatable pool. If it’s not close to a neutral pH level, then you can add chemicals for it to be healthy again. You should check the pH levels at least once a week to ensure they’re within the correct range.

Chlorine Tablets

Adding chlorine tablets to the water in your Intex pool can also help keep it clean and healthy by maintaining an optimal chlorine level in your pool. These tablets will eliminate any bacteria in the water, which is vital for keeping children safe in their kiddie pool.

Draining and Filling Your Inflatable Pool

draining and filling your inflatable pool

For the most part, you should drain and refill your inflatable pool a minimum of once a month. This will ensure that all dirt and debris has been removed from the water. The best time to do this is halfway through summer since it’s easier to clean out at that point in the year.

Even though draining and refilling your inflatable swimming pool isn’t fun, it’s crucial for keeping your family safe from harm. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Draining Your Pool

The easiest way to drain your inflatable pool (whether it’s a small pool or a larger one) is by using a hose. After turning off the pump, attach the hose and allow the water to drain out into whatever container you’re using to hold it (or directly into your yard if that’s an option).

By draining the water from your inflatable pool on a regular schedule, you’ll help prevent bacteria that can breed in stagnant water.

Filling Up the Pool Again

Once your inflatable pool is almost completely drained, you can attach the garden hose to a water container and fill it up again. Make sure that the hose doesn’t have any kinks in it as you do this, or else you could cause damage to both your inflatable pool and water container.

How Long Can You Leave Water in an Inflatable Pool?

how long can you leave water in an inflatable pool

For the most part, you shouldn’t leave water in your inflatable pool for more than a few days. The best thing to do is to drain it after each use so that dirt and debris can never get into it or cause damage.

Only fill up the inflatable swimming pool again before friends or family come over if you’re planning on using it right away. This ensures that there aren’t any bacteria in the water when you decide to use it next time.

How to Keep Bugs Out of Inflatable Pool

how to keep bugs out of inflatable pool

Another downside to leaving unclean water in your inflatable pool is that you’ll end up attracting bugs, which can be dangerous for anyone planning on using the pool. However, if you leave it empty for at least a few days, the bugs will dissipate, and you’ll be able to fill it up with clean water again.

And if insects do start coming out of the inflatable pool after it’s been left out for too long, then there are plenty of commercial products available that claim to get rid of them by killing them or preventing them from getting into your pool.

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