3 Best Steam Shower For A Luxurious Home Spa (Don’t Miss No.2)

Wondering what the best steam shower for a luxurious home spa can be? If you don’t get the answer yourself, let me give you the answer.

There are many varieties of steam shower systems on the market. Some come with more features than others, which will make your experience even better.

Top Pick

Mesa 803A Steam Shower

  • 3KW Steam Generator
  • Rainfall Shower Head
  • FM Radio

Editor Choice

Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

  • Chromatherapy lighting
  • Steam generator 6kw
  • 6 body massage jets

Budget Pick

Superior 6kW Self-Draining Steam

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Control Panel
  • ETL Certified

It’s best to have an idea of what kind of steam shower system you’re looking for before making your purchase. Good thing, I’ve got three good suggestions for the best steam showers for a luxurious home spa.

3 Best Steam Shower For A Luxurious Shower: Reviews

Mesa 803A Steam Shower

Steam shower tub combos are the perfect way to introduce an exotic salon-style experience into your home. One example of a steam shower that can double as a tub is the Mesa 803A, which features clear glass panels and a chrome finish on the control panel.

Also, it comes with a durable steel frame and has the option of colored glass panes, such as blue. It makes it a great choice for the bath enthusiast who likes their bathing regimens on the lush side!

Moreover, its glass shower door with a built-in ventilation fan creates a luxurious environment in your glass shower. The shower has a built-in FM radio, which you can turn on for some light entertainment as you step inside to use the steam shower.


Seating for two

Foot massager

Built-in FM radio

ETL certified


No guarantee

Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

The Ariel Platinum steam shower can be installed in a bathroom with 220 volts of electricity. The 60-inch wide steam shower offers both portability and convenience that is worth noting for anyone who wants to enjoy cozier, luxurious, spa-like experiences in their own homes.

With its entire body being encased in tempered glass, the door of this boilerless steam shower seals airtight. It allows you to settle down into a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxing while efficiently expelling heat and moisture.

This bathroom shower comes with 6 massage jets, which is great! However, the water from the wall jets is high above, making them inaccessible for shorter users.


High capacity steam generator


Teak floorboard

7-year limited warranty


Wall jets too high

DreamLine Lumen SHDR-5334720-09 review

The DreamLine Lumen steam shower is a beautiful and the best steam shower on the list. It has all the features you would expect from a high-end steam shower.

Furthermore, it is perfect for any bathroom that needs a new look or just wants to upgrade its current shower. This unit comes in two sizes: 60-inch and 72-inch, so there is a size for everyone. You can choose between six different colors as well.

Another thing, there are LED lights throughout this unit that allow you to enjoy color therapy while you are taking a relaxing bath or shower. You can turn off the lights, of course, but they are very beneficial when it comes to relaxation!


Easy to clean satin black glass

Integrated hinges for a sleek look

Lifetime warranty



That’s It:

Well, all of the three best steam showers discussed above are the best of their kind. But we really liked the sleek and luxurious design of the Mesa 803A Steam Shower.

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