How to Decorate Your Swimming Pool

Halloween Pool Party Decoration IdeasHalloween Pool Party Decorations Ideas

The swimming pool can easily be converted into a creepy haunted place with a few bought or DIY props. Check out our best ideas.

Blood Red Swimming Pool HalloweenFill the pool with ‘blood’

For an easy, dramatic effect add some pool dye to your swimming pool. Half of a 8 fl oz bottle turns a 15,000 gallon nice blood red for a halloween party.

And don’t worry, this stuff doesn’t stain the pool liner, neither fibreglass nor vinyl. It does filter out within a few days.

Then add some floating skeletons or body parts and watch your guests admiring the effect.

(PS: Any leftover dye could come in handy for a pink birthday party.)


Floating Halloween Decorations

From floating pumpkins, flickering candle lights to glowing body parts, eerie skeletons and ghosts there are various possibilities to create a gruesomely spooky scene at your pool.

Halloween Pool Party decoration gloves glowsticksGlowing hands

Cheap, easy and effective: Get a box of latex surgical or household gloves, insert glow sticks, inflate and presto you have a good number of glowing dead hands to float in your pool. Works well with clear and dyed pool water.

Not a pool decoration but a wonderful FREE way to HAUNT ANY POOL and have great fun doing so: Music and stories: Take the time and listen to these.

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