Best Pool Cover Pump in 2018

Best Pool Cover Pump Water Removal PumpsA Pool cover pump is an essential part of your winterizing kit. Opening a pool for the season can become impossible if the water that accumulates over time on tarp and solid pool covers on above and inground pools is not removed.

Removing water from the cover is also necessary to prevent rips and tears in the pool cover and damage from freezing or when removing the pool cover.
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Little Giant Manual Pool Cover Pump PCP550 Review

Little Giant Manual Pool Cover Pump PCP 550Pool cover pumps are an important part of pool maintenance for above ground pools as well as inground pools.  Keeping the pool cover free of excessive water and debris will greatly enhance the lifespan of your expensive pool cover tarp. It is also necessary to remove water when opening the pool in spring to avoid the cover being ripped and damaged. Continue reading

Deck Mounted Basketball Hoops For Swimming Pools

A lot of pool owners like to add a basketball hoop to their pool. A properly installed pool basketball goal will not only enhance the looks of the swimming pool but also provide hours of fun for the whole family. Your kids will love to invite their friends over.

Deck mounted hoops are the pricier option and range from $500 for a junior sized hoop to $4000 for a heavy duty, professional regulation sized rim that is also adjustable in height and can withstand serious play and horsing around. Continue reading

Best Pool Cleaners For Inground Pools – 2018

Best Pool Cleaner Reviews 2018Buying a pool cleaner can be difficult. Should you stick with the manufacturer and model you know or is it worth upgrading to a completely different type?  

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